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My current stable Overclock is 3.70GHz on 1.175V with my sig rig. Any attempts thus far to go any higher have been unsuccessful.

3.8GHz with 1.2V not 100% stable
4.0GHz with 200 x 20 with 1.25V/1.3V unstable.

I'm not exactly sure where to go now.
I'd like to get it to 4.0Ghz, but if it deems largely unsuccessful I'll be happy with 3.70.

My temps for 3.7GHz were: Idle - ~30C Load - ~50C
My temps for 3.8GHz were: Idle - ~30C Load - ~60C
My temps for 4.0GHz were: Idle - ~30C Load - ~64C

Note that those are CPU Temps, not core temps.
The core temps for 3.7GHz were great, but the core temps for 3.8/4.0 were reaching 73C, which I wasn't exactly pleased about, so I shut off IBT straight away. and attempted lowering voltage.

Things I've tinkered with:
Base Clock
VTT set to 1.25

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.

EDIT: The Ram Divider thing was set so that my RAM would be underclocked to 1480MHz for 3.7GHz, 1600 for 4.0GHz, 1520 for 3.8GHz. I've tried letting it underclock to 1200MHz as well. Unstable for that as well :/
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