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Last bios update destabilized everything again. Decided to redo the entire oc.

Would like to know if this testing methodology should work for normal gaming loads.

CPU - prime 95 12ffts 1 hour
Cache - prime 95 blend? Or 115ffts?
Memory - memtest as usual

Then linpack and realbench to confirm all ocs are stable.

Also wondering if I should drop my LLC from 5 to 4 instead. Acdc load line was previously 0.8, trying 0.01 now.
I ran into the exact same thing- 2003 literally took away my stable 5.1GHz OC and turned it into notta. My cooling score dropped, and still have SP51 as my “estimated Silicon Performance” (guessing that’s what SP is an acronym for)
I also have an ASUS- but it’s a ROG Maximus XII Hero Z490-So I have a different UEFI, VRM, and whatever small differences between it and the Z490 Prime A. I dropped down to 5GHz flat, but also am using a different case, moved the AIO ( $90 GamerStorm 360EX White with the old glass tube instead of the new SS configuration) up top instead of upfront, but still run a Push/Pull configuration and the BIOS was updated before I started the OC in my new configuration. I really really want to go with a different AIO CLC- but am still in the air about which. Of course I want to use a Custom Loop-but again I’m up in the air about whether it’s worth dropping that much money and time for the ability to cool my GPU….which may be changing now that ETH is FINALLY plummeting and LHRs are hitting the market and EVGAs queue. So I’m just going to sit tight and wait for a MSRP 3080/3080Ti or EVGA to email me before I make any decisions. (Just wanted you to know that I’m experiencing the same BIOS update problems regarding OCing)
841 - 842 of 842 Posts