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Overclocking I7

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Is it normal that while i have my 920 clocked to 3.8 ghz my temps are 66 68 67 and 60. Did i apply the TIM wrond or do soem cores not get stressed enough. This is thru IBT as well, so whats the max temp I should be concerned with thru IBT.
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What is your Vcore set at?

edit: If you are asking about your 4th core being lower than the other three, my 4th core is always a few degrees lower than the others, I think this is normal.
I have a 3849b batch and with a vcore of 1.2 i have 3.8 ghz with a max temp of 58c. about 23, 24 ambient, with IBT running very high setting. Thats good right?
If you've got HT on, then those temps are pretty normal.
Sounds kinda hot tbh; perhaps you should reapply your thermal compound?
those temps in my first post are all 10 degrees lower, i had a brain fart when i posted them. ANd can someone explain vdroop to me, should it be on or off, and why when it's on i set the vcore to 1.25 and in cpu-z its 1.317
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