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Overclocking issues

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Alright, so a couple months back I had a XFX 780i, and it died on me. With that board, I could run my Q9650 with the following settings:

Frequency: 445x9
Memory: Linked and Sync'd.
1.2650 Vcore
1.2V FSB
2.1V RAM
1.4V SPP
1.6V MCP
1.25V HTT
Memory running at 5-5-5-15-25 for timings.

But the board dying, I changed it for another, and pencil modded it as well.

Trying to run the same settings, I kept crashing Prime SmallFFT almost instantly. I can only seem to get to 3.7(411x9) with the above settings to be completely stable, even 3.8 refuses to be stable.

Is it possible that a board change make overclocking so much harder? What would you recommend doing? I think I need to reseat my HSF, as my Q9650 is lapped, so is my TRUE, and temps right now are 57-66-65-57 after an hour of Prime95 small FFT. I have the side panel off too for good measures. I may have did a bad seat, considering the heatsink really doesn't feel that warm, I'm not too sure, I've always had issues with my chips temperature being higher than normal, checked air flow and everything, but for the moment, temperature isn't really the issue.

Also, to get 3.7 stable in Blend, I had to tweak my timings to 5-6-6-17-28... And I used to be able to run it at normal timings and underclocked speeds(to be sync'd to achieve CPU stability)

Anyways, some pointers wouldn't hurt.
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A little update; I took the voltage up a notch, and I got prime95 SmallFFT stable for 12 hours; but it crashed after an hour of blend, should I increase the timings? Unlink the ram? Which way would you guys go for?
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