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Hello everyone,

I unfortunately have come to a stand still.

First things first let me get my spec's out of the way.

i7 920 revision D0
EVGA E758-TR Mobo
OCZ Gold Memory (3x2GB) 1066mhz
XFX 6950 1GB
650Watt Modular PSU
240 watercooling kit (RS240)

I do understand my voltages may be a little high for the overclock.

vCore : 1.399
DRAM: 1.54
PLL: 1.875
QPI: 1.350

I originally tested the vCore at 1.5 in order to test temperatures under my watercooling. Maxed out at 71C.

Current OC Settings:

21x Multiplier
17x Uncore Multiplier
Memory (Is very loose atm) (11-11-11-24)
Current memory is 1516mhz.
Current clock is 3980mhz

When I attempt to go over 190fsb the computer will boot to windows however immediately when running linx about 8 seconds into the test the computer will blue screen. I have been told this very well may be the memory which I at this point don't doubt. I set the memory to use ratio's 2:6 which then set the clock > 1100 ; however < 1200. I set manual timings of 11-11-11-24; if set to auto they set themselves at 7-7-7-18. Unfortunately I have the same exact result of blue screening even with the changes.

Any ideas?

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FYI I want to let you know that I just started overclocking myself so any help I can give you might not be that great, but with that word of caution aside..

What I did to start my overclocking process was record all of my voltages needed to run my system at stock clocks with all voltages set to auto. Then I disabled all power saving options and just increased my BCLK to whatever number I wanted for my overclock and left my voltages on auto.

The results you end up with are your bare minimum voltages. When you stress test you will likely blue screen but the numbers you get will tell you important things.

For me my two most common blue screens were "101" and "124"

101 means to inrease your cpu voltage (vcore) and 124 means to increase your QPI voltage.

I have just been running different stress tests until I get a blue screen then increase whatever voltage the blue screen tells me to. This is extremely time consuming (especially if you have to wait 5 hours before you find out your system in unstable) but it has been working for me.

But I decided to post since no one else has and if someone else comes along and they sound like they know more than me, they probably do and you should listen to them.

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Baron I thought you had me on a good roll however unfortunately I'm back to square one.

Increase my QPI from 1.35 to 1.5 after quite a few different attempts slowly increasing it. At 1.5 I made 1 complete pass in linx; I then went on to 1.55. However this caused an almost immediate blue screen. So at 1.5 I did better then 1.55 however same bluescreen of 124.

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Son of a gun! I just came into this thread to give you some advice, and "Boom". I just lost power. A huge storm is rolling through Atlanta right now.

I only have a few minutes left on my UPS, so I 'll leave you with this...

Your voltages are rather high for that overclock; and your RAM timings & voltage should be set to OCZ's specs.

Make sure you thoroughly read through this overclocking guide (if you haven't already)...


Also, since I have the same chip and board, you can click on the "BIOS" link in my signature to see my settings for 4.0 GHz.

Gotta go. I'll check up on you later.
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