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I am writing a guide on how to overclock and it is based off another one (and I am adding more detail into it). But here is the guide I am using as a reference:


It does a pretty good job of explaining things and is okay for a first timer (though it doesn't go into in depth detail).

Just to let you know, with your cooler (the stock on you have) DO NOT GO ABOVE 3.2GHz (max is 3.3~3.4, but stay around or below 3.2). You will get some serious heat issues. Not until you upgrade your heat sink to something like mine or something, you cannot do a really high overclock on a 65nm chip (mine is 45nm, but is an older version where the IHS is glued instead of soldered onto the chip). Also,watch your temps. DO NOT GO ABOVE 60C (65C and no higher).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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