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Overclocking Q6600 and Asus P5K Deluxe

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So, I know that there have been people with this combo (It's pretty common). I would like to know how to OC this.

Here's the problem:
I OC it a little and run Prime 95 When I click on Options->Torture Test->(and then select) blend test At that point it just freezes and doesn't allow for any input. No mouse, no keyboard, etc. The screen just freezes and the sound stops working. The song will play out for a bit and then it will just repeat the last .5 seconds. It's kinda annoying.

Any clue on how I could overclock this?
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Originally Posted by Voltage_Drop
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What is your fsb, multi, and voltage set at in the BIOS?

When I was running it, it was at 8x multi, 400 FSB and voltage = 1.45
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I was inspired to really push my overclock today and for the first time ever I was able to pull off 3.6GHz on this board with the same CPU. What helped me was this thread:


Although it did not work for the OP in that thread, his settings helped point me in the right direction for my setup. Of course, I had to make modifications to some settings like the DRAM Voltage but other than that everything else seems to be working just fine. After 10 runs on Intelburntest, it was deemed stable which is good enough for me.

Good luck!
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