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Overclocking Q9400 to 3.6GHz - Max Voltage??

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Hi Everyone,

I just installed installed a Q9400 into my DFI Lanparty DK P35 T2RS mobo, and added a Xigmatek HDT cooler (with MX-2 thermal compound).

I can get to 3.2GHz no problem with ridiculously low temps and not much voltage.

But my goal is 3.6GHz.

So I jumped right to 450FSB (I know, I shouldn't do that). And then slowly increased the voltage. Now I am up to 1.312V for the core volatage (I am using a 333/667 ratio for the memory to keep it at 900MHz at 2.0V).

Is 1.312V too high? Intel says it can go up to 1.3625V, but this still seems high. Should I be adjusting other voltages?

Thanks in advance!
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1.36250 is fine to go up to, as long as the temps are fine, many people say that the max safest is actually 1.4v (wouldnt be unrealistic, because Intel would probably lower the max safe volts, so you have a guideline, and not to go extremely high). 1.4v should be the absolute maximum, but i think that you should be able to reach 3.6g with like a max of 1.35v? that should hopefully get you there.
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