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Overclocking Q9400 to 3.6GHz - Max Voltage??

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Hi Everyone,

I just installed installed a Q9400 into my DFI Lanparty DK P35 T2RS mobo, and added a Xigmatek HDT cooler (with MX-2 thermal compound).

I can get to 3.2GHz no problem with ridiculously low temps and not much voltage.

But my goal is 3.6GHz.

So I jumped right to 450FSB (I know, I shouldn't do that). And then slowly increased the voltage. Now I am up to 1.312V for the core volatage (I am using a 333/667 ratio for the memory to keep it at 900MHz at 2.0V).

Is 1.312V too high? Intel says it can go up to 1.3625V, but this still seems high. Should I be adjusting other voltages?

Thanks in advance!
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Originally Posted by redalert View Post
dont adjust the TJ max if you have the newest version of Real temp you dont need to adjust it. Its stuck sensors 2 of mine never go below 37c
Me too, my e7200 NEVER goes below 37c but when it's on full load it moves to 42c.
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