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Hello , everybody! I start this thread because I have some questions overclocking the Q9550 on Biostar TPower I45. I've managed to push my Core2Quad up to 4 Ghz (proof) with the following voltages :
- CPU +0.250v
- DIMM +0.300v
- NB +0.225v
- FSB +0.275v
(Unfortunately , that's how the voltages are shown in BIOS - the values from above are added over the default voltage)
The problem is that I have a huge vDroop : idle => 1.40x volts - full load (prime95 , small ffts) => 1.36x volts. Is there any way to reduce the vDroop? Is there any way to mod the BIOS to have smaller voltage steppings?
Also , my CPU runs like a dream at 3.6 Ghz with 1.184v. In theory , it should go at 4 Ghz with maaaximum 1.3v. Someone told me that this huge voltage could be the result of a bad PSU , which can't deliver a good quality current (I have a Sirtec HP 650W G14C - ~84% eff.). Could this be my problem? Thanks in advance , friends! Hoping that I didn't annoyed you with my stupid problems , I wait for your advices!
Best wishes from Romania!
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