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I have a question regarding my overclock and I am hoping somebody here can offer some insight.

I just rebuilt my PC and I have an i5-3570K running perfectly stable at 4.4 Ghz on 1.27V with a +0.034 offset. LLC is set to Ultra High.

I am using Argus Monitor for fan control other than my radiator fans.....those I have controlled by BIOS.

To my question......

When I first start my PC, the cpu temp shows near 50C. As the software takes over and fan control kicks in, my idle temp steadily drops to 25C and stays in that range until under load. Ambient temp is only 28C so why the spike on startup? How can my chip read 50C?

Is there a setting or something that I have missed during my clock that is causing this?

Any feedback is appreciated.
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