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I just started overclocking about a week ago and there are a few things im not sure of. i got my cpu running stable at 3.6GHz and my bus speed went up to about 960 MHz at 1.45v (is that to high) but i noticed that my memory went down to like 150 MHz i messed with some setting and got it up to 192 MHz but if i set it any higher when i try to start up my comp the screen would not come on i have the voltage at 2.65v but i have my timing set really low to 2-3-3-6 but it did the same thing at the stock setting of 2.5-4-4-8 is there ne way to get better performance i was also wondering what should i set the agp/pci freq. to and one more thing what is graphics aperture size?
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You're fine with 1.45 volts as long as your load temperature stays below 65°C. The recommended maximum vcore for your CPU is 1.525 volts, though you can go a bit beyond that if your cooling is good.

Are you manually overclocking or overclocking via the percentage options in the BIOS? I'm guessing you're using the percentage options as a memory divider is automatically being set, which is why your RAM speed is dropping. It's best to set everything manually. That way, you can keep track of where things start to get unstable. Check with your RAM manufacturer's website, but generally DDR can run in the 2.8-2.9 volt vdimm range without too much trouble. Try loosening your timings further to get back to a 1:1 ratio.

Set your AGP/PCI frequencies to 66.6/33.3 MHz.

For some info on AGP aperture size, check out this thread.

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I have done all of the overclocking manually i will try changing some of these thing tonight to see if it helps
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