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i have an amd sempron 2400+ i have just overclocked it to a 2500+(1.8ghz). i did have it overclocked to a 2600+ but it would not rexognize by 2nd hard drive which is a 320 gig sata. the bios would only see it as 136gig and windows said it was not formated. so i went back to the 1.8 setting. my question is is there anyway to overclock more?
system settings:

proc : amd sempron 2400+ (sda2400dut3d)
mobo: gigabyte 7vt600p-rz
ram : 1 stick of generic 512MB pc2700, and 1 stick of kingston 512MB pc3200
HD : ide-100 gig maxtor, sata 320 gig sata
video : ati all in wonder 8500 128MB
OS : windows xp pro sp2
Bios: Award bios vers F5 - i just updated the bios today.

any info would be greatly appreciated. i have tried just increasing the cpu host to 200mhz but system hangs and reboots to default 166mhz. not sure if i need to change the agp, dram, and voltage etc...


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Hi kevin, and welcome to the forums

I'll tell you this first: I have a almost similiar mobo on my secondary rig, and it doesn't overclock very well. I have the same CPU, too.

That mobo of your uses the KT600 chipset, which doesn't have PCI locks (Which is the reason to why your harddrives didn't get "noticed") or things of that sort

Anymore questions, please feel free to ask again.
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