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Overclocking the 4870

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Is overclocking it a good idea when folding temps are around 75 celsius and OCCT PSU test 100 celsius.

Should I overclock it?
Or is that to much of a risk frying my card :<
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Wow those temps are high - is your card using a reference cooler?

It probably isn't a good idea to OC it with load temps like those. You will need an aftermarket cooler, or if you hvae the fans set to low, up the fans and see how the temps fare then.
That is with fanspeed automatic.
So around 90-100% fanspeed.
90% spped and you get 75c???

not posible your fan must be lower with stock cooler,mine is @35% and i dont get 70c in load
With folding the fanspeed is 50% for the 75 celsius folding.
It is 90-100% for the 100 celsius OCCT PSU test.
Anything over 85C-90C is hot. I would OC it and find out. It looks to me like you may need to invest in an aftermarket cooler. you may also have some luck replacing the stock TIM with AS5 or similar. Many time, not only is the TIM better, but the OEM use way too much.
Im holding out cash to get some budget 40nm cards soonish.
Single slot : )
So no aftermarket cooler for the 4870 : p
how can you even tolerate a 90% fan speed. When i put it that fast it's so lound i'm scared the card is going to blow off :S Is it just my card that sounds like a leafblower at those speed ?
My saphire 4870 is a dog to OC. Its just to hot on stock cooler and sound like it gonna implode your case when you turn fan up. Save yourself the pain and leave it be till you can afford a better cooler or water cooler.
Its only on high fanspeeds when im stresstesting it.
Folding somehow puts the GPU load on 100% aswell but the temps are WAY lower.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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