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Overclocking tool options for Vista (ATI not working)

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So for some reason i cannot get ATITools to work for me on Vista Bus. 32bit. I've tried 3 different versions (0.24?, 0.26, and 0.27b4) and they all don't show the clock speeds (0.0 0.0). I go into scan for artifacts and i'm not sure if its working due to the temp's not moving (stays put @ 65c). So is this working right and should i put in my clock speeds? Or should i try another tool.

I've read that EVGA Precision works charms however without ATI tools how am i suppose to check for stability? At the moment i have EVGA Precision, RivaTuner, and ATITools installed. Any other options to scan for artifacts/check stability?
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I have the same issue as you, i just benchmark with like the crysis mod, or 3dmark, just run a game play it if u have problems then you fix ur clocks its as simple as that. Hope it works for you!
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Ya thinking of just starting to tweak the settings for the GPU and then run 3dmark06.
i just overclock the gpu with rivatuner and then run 3dmark to see if it artifacts.
and that's usually enough for me.
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alright, thanks for the input. I"m gona actually mess with this EVGA Precision and see how it is.
Rivatuner and EVGA Precision are my tools of choice.
Try using ATI Tool 0.27 beta 3 instead of 4, I am using it on windows vista 32bit with my gtx260, and it works fine.
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