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Overclocking troubles

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Hi all, first build with a Asus motherboard so bit rusty on this (always used Abit)

Amd Phenom IIX4 Quad Core 955 Black
Asus M4A79XTD Evo
G Skill Ripjaw 4GB 2X2 DDR3 1600MHZ
Coolmaster scout case
OCZ Modstream pro 600w psu
Geforce 8800GT Graphics card
Zalman cpu cooler 35 idle
Samsung HD103SJ 1000GB H/Drive

Having a bit of trouble overclocking, all i can only manage stable is 3500 GHZ
v/core at 1.45v 1600 1T 1.66v timing
VDDA 2.7v
219x16 manual setting overclock

As i said first build with Asus, what do you think i need to up or set?
I have flashed the latest bios and tuned of cool and quiet.
Any thoughts on this appreciated.
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Originally Posted by boostinsteve
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Is it a BSOD, or other error.

BSOD, what i am also getting is one core out of the four fails prime95 after 2 mins while the others carrie on the test.
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Got it stable at 206x17.5 1.45v
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