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Overclocking VRAM?

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In almost all games I play (Crysis, Assassin's Creed, TF2, etc) I'm using at least 300/320 available VRAM and I bet that's helping my low fps, especially when I enable x4 AA. Would overclocking the VRAM help not having enough? Currently I've only overclocked the GPU core to 630 from 513 and left the memory at a stock 792.

I know my gpu's are really bottlenecking my system, but I'm waiting for nvidia's fermi to come out before I replace them. Also, a shout out to the G80 architecture for being 3 years old and still working fine
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You should increase the memory clock, core clock and shader clock (overclock your card) and see if that helps, it would probaply help a little. But your GFX is a serious bottleneck, if I were you I would buy a Radeon HD 4870 and use it until Fermi is released (wich can take a very long time..).
Yes, of course you should overclock the vram. Why wouldn't you?

It's not going to make up for not having enough vram in those instances where the game/settings need more than the 320MB that you have, but it will help some. Every little bit help, really.

I used to have the exact same card (I think the vram used to do pretty close to 1000MHz, actually) and ran into the same memory-amount issues, so here's hints for better performance: sacrifice texture quality/size first, followed by AA to save on vram use. If that doesn't get it done, you're kinda stuck w/lowering the resolution. Most of the other in-game settings don't really impact vram usage at all.

Running in XP definitely can be of help since in XP you can monitor vram usage in real-time with the OSD function of the Rivatuner Graphing program. Also, those cards are going to struggle when you make use of the highest quality DX10 settings anyways, so you're not losing much by running DX9. One of the things I don't like about gaming in Vista/7 is that this vram usage monitor is not possible.

Good luck
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If I were you, I would. Right now I have a GTS 320 that someone gave my without a cooler. I ordered one for it and it doesn't fit :/

They are great little cards, and still hold strong til today for most older game, and some new ones. I would use mine if only I could cool it.
Yeah, I ran some vantage benchmarks and the memory bottleneck is really showing at 1920x1200 with x2 AA. I bumped up the memory clock by about 25% which gave an overall increase of 10% for the gpu score.

Thanks for the help- I've been looking at replacing the SLI GTS's with a 5870 or 5850 when TSMC gets their 40nm processes working again and prices go down.
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