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Overclocking X800XT

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I got an X800XT which was at 500/500, i then flashed it to a XTPE bios and it was at 520/540. I then decided to installed the artic silencer rev 2. my idle temps are now about 29 degrees c, on a load it never gets over 50 and thats at a push. Ive managed to push it to 540/580 and it stays at the same temps. Any further and i get artifacts, but why, its cooler then its ever been even at standard x800xt speeds. Please help.
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thats still an excellent overclock for an r423, r480s tend to go higher, but temp is not the only thing affecting your card. Try overclocking on your original bios there is a possibilty of conflicts and if your clocks are the same thats the best your card can do. I have an r423 gto with 16p and i can go as high as 600/570 with no artifacts but every card is different and thats with ATI silencer 5.2 but it went high on stock cooling too. I have read people getting x850 xt pe's that barely go higher than stock. Does your card have 1.6 or 2.0 mem. If 2.0 then set your mem lower and slowly raise the core till artifacts. You will want to find a good balance between the core and the mem and you'll get better performance increase on the core than the mem.
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