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Overcloking a old intel

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Well, my freind has a 6-7year old packard bell pc, so i'm going to try and spray it and overclock it but his intel is old and im not sure how to go about overclocking it would someone be able to help or give me advice ill try and upload some pictures and show some screenshots later thanks for your help
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what motherboard is it?
Its probably a desktop case right? so check case cooling first... if theres no way in the bios there should be jumpers on the mobo which allows you to change the fsb of the cpu.... get a magnifying glass youll need one... my wife bought this huge one with a light for my birthday.... best present I ever got(God bless her).
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well i got a Pentium 166 at 233 with it under an AXP barton cooler, and I got a PII 333 running at 500 by uping voltage and replacing the stock cooling. I had a PIII 833 running at 900 thats my old Intel OC's and as you can tell ive done this before
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I once had a amd 400Mhz which I O/C`d to 466Mhz using jumpers on the mobo. If I remember correctly I had to change 4 jumpers to do that...
My father has a similiar Packard Bell (7 or more years old, has PC100 RAM + a K6-2 450MHz

I could only find a voltage increasing jumper. Nothing's there in the BIOS.
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Isn`t there a program like clockgen that support old cpu`s maybe?
there is but I cant remember the name but it only gives you multiplier control and if its Pentium II or newer that does you no good
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