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P II X4 945 in need of some OC help

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Well, ive been running my rig for a while and i now wanna see what she can do.

So this will be my first time attempting this. I went into the bios and less than half ment anything to me. With that said, what would be the first step in boosting my system. What info would you guys need in order to help me out?
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you want to start off in the Advanced Bios features if Im not mistaken since you are using a gigabyte board. Does it have that selection in BIOS?

I would go to the line where it says CPU multiplier and raise it by 100 or 200 mhz without doing anything else. Restart computer and see if it boots successfully. Most 940's should be able to run 3.2 Ghz on stock Vcore settings.

EDIT:I forgot that a 945 is a not a black edition. That means you can only change the FSB and not the multiplier as the multiplier is locked in a 945.

The speed of the 945 is 3.0 and the multiplier is locked at 15X.

The speed of the cpu is essentially composed of two parts. The CPU multiplier and the FSB

Multiplier X FSB = CPU frequency.

Since I know the multiplier is 15, all you have to do is take 3000 mhz (same as 3ghz) and divide that by 15. The result is that your FSB is at 200 MHZ.

Now since you cant change your multiplier, change the FSB so that M X F= 3100 MHZ or 3200HZ

So 15 * F = 3200

F= 213mhz or around that.

Set the FSB to 213mhz and come back and see if it works. Also stress testing your computer and load temperatures are important in a successful overclock. Not to mention RAM timmings

Well get to that later, but for now do what I told you and come back and tell us what youd found
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OK changed F =213.
Everything looks like its been running fine.


how much farther could i push this puppy?

and can you explain ram timings?
you can push this puppy to around 3.6-3.8ghz. Do you have a aftermarket heatsink? What heatsink are you using? Antec 900 is has good air flow. So you are set on that IMHO
2 hrs into running, got the BSOD, i did see that my ram was OC'd to 1130. could this have been the issue?

and i turned it back to stock for a lil. I have a thermaltake spinQ. Got it cuz everything else glows blue, so why not.. lol.
This is what my bios was looking like directly prior to my BSOD

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what cpu paste are you using. The memory clock is above 1066 because you raised the FSB. Lower the Memory clock to x4.00

Do you have the 95w version or the 125?
the 125 and thermal paste is some stuff made by zalman. not sure what one exactly.
ok could you post up your CPU-Z and take a SS of it? Also include the memory tab
sorry if i wasnt being clear but it would be great if u could post up the CPU tab and memory tab at the same time
I have the 945 (95w) and I read this as I was tryin to OC. It explains everything you need to know.


I got mine up to 3.6ghz stable but I need Better cooling to go further.
Bumping the voltages are important, as well as NB frequency but we dont want the OP to go straight from 3.0-3.6 in a heartbeat

Also I found a good review on how to overclock a locked AMD processor

wow, i think i got it. Been running the sony BIT for a few and its holding well. Everything is running off of stock voltages. Ram settings was brought up and i was wondering if that is something i should look into..

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try using prime95 and run it for a few hours at the least. I usually run prime95 for at least 8 hours. But since that takes a while, I usually do it before going to bed
ooooooooooooooooo prime 95 failed. i toned the fsb down a lil to 235 and it seems to be running well now. on prime i set it to torture test.
Good to see you making some progress. OC takes time, and patience and alot of doing and re-doing.

The 125w does kind of hurt you in OCing.
the 95w would of do slightly better
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it is what it is. I saw the 945 and jumped at it not expecting them to change the 125 to a 95. But this is kinda fun. lovin it.
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