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P3 1Ghz in good use!

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Check it out. I found a working P3 1Ghz and made it into a keychain!

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my moms PC has a 667mhz P3 ... your keychain is faster :|
I need to do this! I have a whole bunch of old processors lying around that probably don't work. At least I would never worry about losing my keys again...lol.

Originally Posted by Cryptedvick
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my moms PC has a 667mhz P3 ... your keychain is faster :|

Ha ha ha.....
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thats sweet! i have an old P3 1.00GHz under my dresser along with the rest of the parts from my old computer. It was a pretty good processor! Stiil works!
Awesome. I was gonna do that with my G80 GPU but instead I revived it using an oven. I could do that with an old AMD AM486 or Intel 486 I have in my closet though.
I have an old 478 3.0 on my keychain just the metal top where the heatsink touchs it already had a tiny hole just right for keychain use. Friends love G/F hates it. And i actually still have a p3 1 ghz cpu running my magicjack but like the keychain much better lol
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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