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P3 Intel Coppermine OC Help

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Hi all,

I have this P3 Intel Coppermine 650mhz with msi ms1137 (crap one...) the bios has options to unlock the multiplier until x8.5 (fsb stands for 100mhz locked) but when i do that, nothing seems to happen cause sandra and everest display the standard 6.5x100=650 info. There´s only one DIMM of pc133 128MB RAm.

i didn´t see yet if tehre are other bios updates but i will in a moment. anyone has experience to share with this rig? i did a search on the database and there doe´nt seem to be much...
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Your cpu's multiplier is locked. The bios comes with the option for a cpu that's unlocked from the factory, yours isnt so even though you can change the value in the bios it doesnt make any difference.
You should be able to change the FSB. You might have to change a setting from auto to manual but you should have control over the FSB. Diffinetly get the latest BIOS. I have always had great success with overclocking these old computers. The computer I am typing this on is running is a P3 500 running at 5X133=666. With stock volatge
. which is a good thing because I cant change the voltage on my mobo. But good luck, and happy overclocking.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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