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P35/e6600/ddr2 Basics

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I'm trying to figure out my finances for and upgrade, so I figure I need to know what I'll be getting my my old parts.

CPU: E6600 SL9ZL 3726A610
It's been running at 3.5 under water with no problems, and never saw anything over 60* while on air. I've been running it with no problems for 2 years. It may go higher, however I figured 1.4250v in bios is enough for me. Admittedly this is not the best chip for overclocking, but it will still get over a 1Ghz OC.

Mobo: MSI P35 Platinum
No issues with the board, no dead ports. It has 2 Esata ports, 5 Sata, and legacy IDE which could be nice for someone's home server.

RAM: 2x1GB Corsair CM2X1024-6400C4DHX (DHX Heat Spreaders)
2x1GB Corsair CM2x1024-6400C4 (regular heat spreader)

44412 ddr2-800, nothing special, and no great over clocking abilities.

Anyway, any help is appreciated. I'd prefer to sell in a nice bundle, but that will never happen. Also, first appraisal, so tell me if I did something wrong.
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Originally Posted by iquark
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CPU: E6600 SL9ZL 3726A610 $60

Mobo: MSI P35 Platinum $75

RAM: 2x1GB Corsair CM2X1024-6400C4DHXS $45

2x1GB Corsair CM2x1024-6400C4 (regular heat spreader) $40

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I agree with AMD+Nvidia with the exception of the mobo. I had a hard time selling my Gigabyte P35 board for $50 shipped.

If you go package deal, I say $150 for everything.
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E6500: $75 shipped
MSI P35: $60 shipped
Corsair DHX: $40 shipped
Corsair Standard: $35 shipped
Everything: $175 shipped

All shipping CONUS, everywhere else buyer pays shipping.
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Thanks for the appraisals guys. My initial goal was to get about 175$ from all the parts, and it looks like they are within that range.
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