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P4P800 E Deluxe, can't overclock?

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Ok after reading alot of good things about this board and the P4 2.4C, I picked a package up fir pretty daqrn cheap while I was waiting for my New system parts to come in. Anyways for some odd reason I cant seem get this board to overclokc the 2.4C cpu, the guy that had it before me had it running at 3.2 just before handing it over, then cleared the cmos. After I got the system together and setup I cant seem to adjust the FSB on the board, it wont let me change it at all, everything else works great, except for this part. maybe Im overlooking something, but the bios is pretty much just like my P5WD2 E only diff is the fsb adjustment doesnt work on this board.

Any idea's?
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wow nobody at all.

Anyway, I figured it out.
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