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I remember when......
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I got one of these laying around from my old system. Sold the CPU, GPU, and memory to a friend for a budget build he was doing, and to fund my current main system.........but he didn't need the board, it was only 9 months old and working fine, and I have trouble throwing anything away anyway.

Anyway, been thinking about getting a 2.4A and putting a small budget system together with this board, use it mostly for folding, some internet stuff and office applications.......

I know a lot of people who have the SE and the E-Deluxe version of this board and seem to like it........is the VM a completely worthless OCer? Will I be able to do anything with it?

Remember, this is just a "play" system, I just want to find a use for this board and play with it.......use it to hone my case building and OC skills as well as the above mentioned uses........
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