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P5B Deluxe compatible with DDR2 1000?

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title is pretty much my question, i thought it could but i was reading the specs http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16813131045 and down towards the bottom it says
"Notice: Only DDR2-800 memory supporting JEDEC approved 1.8V operation with timings of 5-5-5 or 6-6-6 is supported on Intel Desktop Boards based on Intel 965 Express Chipsets"

does that mean only ddr2 800 works and not ddr2 1000 or does it just mean that thats the only kind of 800 that works but others work as well?
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You can just get DRR2 800 ram and OC it to past DDR2 1000 speeds. But I am pretty sure it will work on that board. Someone else can confirm that though.
It will work but you will need to overclock your FSB for the ram to reach its stock speeds so basically it just gives you more overclocking headroom.
does that mean only ddr2 800 works and not ddr2 1000 or does it just mean that thats the only kind of 800 that works but others work as well?
No. What it means is that it support or will read up to DDR2 800 but you can safely use DDR2 1000 modules, except! the modules will never be red at 1000mhz but 800mhz and yes, they would give you plenty of headroom for overclocking.

I used to have DDR2 1000 in my P5WD2-Premium and I was able to OC my ram pass 1000mhz.

So, you can sure use 1000mhz modules in the P5B Deluxe. But depends which modules you'll be looking at because usually, it's less expensive to buy DDR2 800 and OC it to DDR2 1000 speeds or even pass those speeds.

For example, the G.Skill I have cost $300 whereas the G.Skill 1000 modules cost $450, yet my $300 G.Skill kit can do the same as the $450 G.Skill kit, so it wasn't a good deal for me.

Which 1000 modules are you considering or it was just a question?
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i was consider crucial ballistix because i heard good things bout it and its definitly cheaper than $450, what ddr2 800 would u recommend that would be save me enough to make it worth it
The Crucial DDR2 1000 is a great choice but I'd also say that the Xtreem DDR2 800 from Tankguys is another great choice. Right now those two is what I'd recommend the most. Seeing what Dman was able to push his? It's great ram that shouldn't be ignored IMO.

After all, we want the best and I think those 2 are right now.

Crucial DDR2 1000 or Xtreem DDR2 800.
as far as JEDEC goes do they even have a spec above ddr2-800?
thought that was as high as their rated specs even go.

but yeah as far as this board goes it can easily be done. mine are running at around 1065 with 4-4-4-8 right now for the timings though the bios when it reads them only reads them at I think ddr-4200 or something like that but that is due to the divider setup not the ram itself and it has no bearing that I can tell on performance anyway by the bios saying it is this when it really isn't.

so go to town have fun and get fast ram
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