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Im going to get the p5k se

it was with a q6600 at 3.0ghz for a long time i think the vrm are 3 so im affraid of the temp they where running...

I have a dp45sg that old a E8400 since brand new and it never got overclocked seriously 3.6 max for some month and got back to default
I think he have 6 phase

It going to run 24/7 at 3.0ghz if i can get it there..

Minecraft rigs of rods Ftp file server etc

I expect low load on cpu most of time

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The p45 motherboard that you mentioned would make it better off for you. More VRM phases usually mean better.

It really depends on how much CPU voltage you ate going to pump into the CPU. As you would of know of already:

- More CPU voltage more heat on the VRMs.
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