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P5n-e SLI wont OC my 4300

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OK, so I cant overclock my C2D E4300 much on a low Vcore (which I really dont wanna raise too much

Everywhere on the internet, Im seeing people getting 3.2Ghz on 1.32V Vcore. My one however is struggling to get 2.3Ghz and Im pushing the Vcore up to 1.4.

Can someone give me an idea on what Im doing right/wrong?

Sorry, I cant give much information. ill try to answer the questions.
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could be your weak psu, or a ram limitation/fault run memtest, if it checks out, then try to find a better psu(maybe a friend could loan you one) and use that, see if that helps. also is it not posting or not booting windows?
It could just be that you got a bad week, and there is nothing you can do about it. I got my E6600 to 3.2ghz, but it took 1.418 volts to do it, which is really high.
there is no way stepping would effect an OC by 1ghz+ man
If I set it too high, it will fail to post. So, I tried putting the Vcore to 1.41 V and it went up to 2.8Ghz. Is it possible i just have a bad chip or something which doesnt overclock on a low vcore? Does this also rule out the possible PSU cause? I took the Vcore back down to 1.37V and took the speed back to 2.4 because I was too scared I would cook something. Whats the most I should pump the Vcore up to before I should stop?

sounds like a psu thing to me, but I can't say for sure. I don't think it's the ram though, so I would say try another psu if you can, but you cant rule out a bad chip yet
It sounds like it probably is your power supply since you can get it to that speed but it just requires you to increase the voltage. What's the voltage reading from when you're within windows?
cpu-z is currently reading 1.36v, at 2.25Ghz. Funny thing is, when I do some work with the CPU, the voltage goes up to 1.376? Someone explain please (Im a beginner overclocker

Also, does the NB voltage have any effect on anything? I currently have it on auto
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oh yeah what is your northbridge at right now, not the voltage the strap

Originally Posted by B-80
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oh yeah what is your northbridge at right now, not the voltage the strap

Remember, this is me we are talking about here, so please try to keep the language idiot proof

Also, I am overclocking with RAM and FSB unlinked, so the fsb and ram speed are controlled seperately.
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umm okay, somewhere in your bios, there is an option for the north bridges "strap" or that is what it is called on my bios, it should have diff fsb options if you see you try manually selecting the first, second, third, ect... option and see if your computer will post.
Have you read in here yet? http://www.overclock.net/intel-mothe...0i-thread.html
It's an entire thread just on the P5N-E SLI motherboard. The first page provides somewhat of a guide. And if you don't feel up to reading all 250+ pages, you can always just ask =)
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