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P5N32-E and Silverstone (fan problem)

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I hooked up my brand new Silverstone with black controller which I just got like half an hour ago and I can't get the sucker to turn on at all...

I would probably not worry so much about this if I weren't getting a warning during post saying that the fan's speed is too low... my Zalaman used to stay idle most the time till I ran the CPU hard... but I didn't get a warning or at least I don't think I used to get one (few months back now)

I went ahead and booted up, opened speed fan right away and my idle was nice and chilly... so I thought I'd give it a try and Orthos for a few seconds... keeping my finger on the stop button... I let it go for about a minute and never broke 55C (haha!!! TT FTW!) anyway... the fan didn't budge...

where is my Category 5 hurricane?!?!?

Some things I tried:
_ I hooked up the fan using the provided speed controller
_ Hooked it up to the MoBo without the controller
_ Used my old Zalaman's controller...

Things I could try:
_ I use the TT's controller (but will have to cut and reconnect wires)
_ RMA?

_ Weird ritual wind dance (similar to rain dance)

Anywho, h3lp iz opriziat3d...
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BTW... just double checked BIOS... I have all fans set to 100% and so on... also my fan speed warning is set to 600rpm... all is normal in there

so the little three pin only has one wire... yellow... ohhhh!!!!!!

so that little sucka only brings a reading from mobo... the power HAS to come from the big plug....

lol, yeah, thats how that works, i had those fans but ditched em cuz i hated the way you had to wire them.
Yes, use the molex connector as well

The yellow wire is to monitor fan speeds (put in the cpu fan plug beside the processor)

You might want to do what I did and turn the controller into a backplate bracket. I didn't want to use up a front slot for it.
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Apparently, electricity helps fellows...

How do you Rep+ yourself (well... Rep- is more fitting hahaha!)

Hey Robilar... I was trying to get the Tuniq's controller on it but they have the connector heads inverted so I'd have to cut and reconnect the wires... also the knobs look very different so I think it might be a good idea to simply leave the controller inside this open optical bay... for now anyway, at least till I get the Q6600 cause I'll be re-doing almost all my cable management then anyways...

thanks for the pic though!
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All I did was pull the knob off and undo the nuts holding it into the bracket. I then took a pci bracket and drilled a hole in it. Used a couple of washers, and put the knob back on. It took about 5 minutes and required no wiring at all.
ok so it works and it is kicking at 2300rpm at even when at load, as opposed to it's highest rating of 2400rpms?
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