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P5Q E Froze After BIOS Update **HELP**

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today i reinstall my win vista home premium 32 bits, after that i started instalation of all my apps including my asus apps from the original disc, after installing asus update i checked and there was a new BIOS 1901 (i had 1703) so i decided to flash the bios, i've done that many times whithout a problem, when the computer reebooted it's stuck displaying: "Press DEL to run Setup, Press TAB to display BIOS POST Message" and the intel logo is there, but the keyboard now is not working, i try to reset the BIOS by removing the battery for a few minutes and nothing, then i cleared the rtc (CLRRTC) by swithing the pins and back and still nothing, i removed the ps2 connection on my kb and back and nothing, i connected a usb kb, still nothing, according to my manual my mb has a "DIE HARD BIOS" which is two chips, one of them is a backup and is supposed to restore the BIOS in case of corruption ocurs, my mb is not that old, i got for my birth day last July, any ideas, anybody can help me please...
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Read in your manual theres a certain thing u have to do to copy the backed up bios that is not corrupt to the main bios chip. Should be in ur mobo manual. I just got my mobo and i read something similar in the troubleshooting section of the manual
put the driver disc in the dvd drive. turn on hope for the best
anyone has dealt with ASUS before?
I had almost the same issue with my P5Q-E after attempting to flash to a newer modded BIOS. I didn't reset to defaults so when I flashed my board was already OC'd and it bonked the whole flashing process. I was missing BIOS options and the worst part was that one of them was the EZ Flash utility.

If you're feeling up to it you can do what I did. Power off the computer and remove the power cable. Press the power button on the board a few times to discharge the board and then pull the BIOS battery. From there switch the BIOS chips located at the bottom of the board. There should be 2 of them, just swap their places (make sure you remember which ways they faced, I forgot but as luck would have it I ended up putting them back in the right way). This should put you back to the BIOS that originally shipped with the board and you can flash from there.
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