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what is the max volts for
a northbridge

b fsb termination voltage

i can get good overclock 4.2)but as soon as run orthos it crashes after a minute

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On the NB you are pretty safe at 1.35-1.40v if its cooler well. The other is around 1.2v or so it will damage hardware before vcore with the PLL and the FSB termination. I had a similar set up with e8400 and I set NB to listed above max ever was 1.45-1.50v maybe for 4.0+ghz. The others were min if not one notch up. Set manually it overvolts everything on this board I think iirc.

CPU Voltage : below 1.45-1.50 24/7 air/water
CPU GTL Reference: Auto
CPU PLL Voltage : 1.50
FSB Termination Voltage: 1.30
DRAM Voltage : default DRAM
NB Voltage : Set to minimum and increase until stable
PCIE Sata Voltage: set manual unsure
Load Line Calabration : Enabled- might play with this one.
CPU Sread Spectrum : Disabled
PCIE Spread Spectrum : Disabled
CPU Clock Skew: Auto
MB Clock Skew: Auto

That look about right?
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