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P5Q-PRO: SATA DVD Connectors?

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Reading the manual and and looked at the motherboard illustration (not taking out the motherboard right now, because the nice little peanuts Newegg likes to ship the gear in it is full of STATIC...stuck all over any plastic wrap over the hardware boxes). I see the bank of 6 for what the manual is saying are for hard drives; see the other 2 for the EZ drive feature.

So where do you connect a SATA DVD-RW, too?
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Any HDD one will work, thats what I did for mine. Just make sure your not replacing a HDD, or else your bios might freak *mine did*
Edit: But it works fine now of course.
The manual states the Intel Matrix (the 6 head bank) are for Serial ATA hard drives...


ICH10R Serial ATA connectors (7-pin SATA 1-6 [red])

These connectors are for the Serial ATA signal cables for Serial ATA hard disk drives.


These connectors are set to Standard IDE mode by default. In Standard IDE mode, you can connect Serial ATA boot/data hard disk drives to these connectors, set the Configure SATA as item in the BIOS to [RAID]......

I want to use the Intel controller for the RAID 0. Will it mess up both the Raptors and the DVD-RW drive once it's set for RAID?

Wish Asus manuals were more clear.
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Nevermind, talked with tech relative (Intel tech) and got the scoop. It was the Asus manual and it's a b-a-d translation.

Off I go...and hopefully will return with a brand new system.
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