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P5WD2 BIOS - CPU Lock Free option?

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does anyone know if asus has made any changes since the 1.81 bios for this mobo that would be useful, like maybe unlock the multipliers for the 6xx series ( i mean i am under the impression that the 6xx series cpu's are unlocked from 14-16, I may be wrong so so please tell me)?

PS. basically what i want to know is it worth it to update my bios from 1.81 to the newest version?
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Short of using an ES chip, the only unlocking of multipliers is achieved through the CPU Lock Free function which allows the multiplier to be dropped from the stock to 14x. Both the processor and the mobo need to support that feature. Scroll through the list of BIOS updates for your board on the Asus website, and you'll find the list of major features for each BIOS revision. You can also check in your BIOS to see if that function is already available.
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thanks taeric!
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