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P5WD2 E IDE & ATAPI problems.

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Just thought Id drop a line on my new board. Ive had it up and running for a couple weeks.
Ive been having some problems trying to get it to detect my 2 Ultra ATA 133 hard drives, and my 2 Optical drives. Ive finaly come to the conclusion that this board is more or less designed to run SATA drives and not atapi and Ultra drives. Ive tried just about everything to get the drives detected but the only way I can get a hard drive and a CDRW to be detected is if they are on the same master cable and jumpered correctly, now when I try to hook up my other HDD to the secondary slot it will not detect it or anything else.

I guess Im gonna have to move up to SATA drives, but before I do is this gonna put any dampers on my overclocking? Because Ive heard people frying thier drives by overclocking to much, or having problems in general. Im actualy thinking of running 1 HDD in the case and running my Storage as an external, but I would like to have my DVDRW and CDRW in the case, and the only way Im gonna be able to do this is by hooking them both up to the master IDE connection.

Is there something Im missing here or would I just be better off switching to SATA?

Thanks guys.
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