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Hey all, I'm currently in the midst of converting my coworker's old prebuilt Dell (yuck) into a halfway decent gaming machine. I've decided to build around an i3 2100 and was wondering which chipset would be best to go with.

Obviously not being able to overclock on an H67 wouldn't be an issue since the i3 2100 is locked anyways but are there any other important features I'm going to be missing out with P67? Cost is a big factor here, which is why I'm using this cpu. I've seen that the H67 are generally much cheaper than P67 so I'm kinda leaning towards that.


EDIT: Just realized this is the AMD, not Intel. Please ignore this guys or a mod can close it. That's what I get for only sleeping for 2 hours.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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