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P6X58D-E died?

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I was browsing the internet when my computer suddenly turned off. I restarted it and it would get to the screen right before the loading windows screen (the last start up screen of the bios boot up) and then it would restart the bios loading process. I reset the bios and then it would get to the loading windows, freeze and blue screen. Once the desktop loaded before it locked up.

After troubleshooting I took everything out of the case, reseated to cpu and ram, unplugged everything and plugged it back in. Then the power supply LEDs and the red LED power button on the motherboard would flash at the same time, and it would not turn on. I swapped it out with a different power supply and a different graphics card and it did run. Then I took a break, came back to it, plugged in a monitor and now the red LED is lit but pressing it does absolutely nothing.

My question is...what died? My PSU (original one), my motherboard? Both?

Help will be greatly appreciated, hopefully microcenter will give me a new mobo but it is 2 hours away and I don't want to make to drive and deal with that if I can get it troubleshooted.
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sounds liek your mother board check to ensure the back isnt touching anything
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It isn't, it is sitting on the box. 2nd 1366 mobo to die in 6 months =(

Any thoughts on how it reacts differently to one power supply over another one?
I have a P6X58D Premium so am wondering if some of the Bios settings are the same.

Can you get into Bios by hitting the Del key (sounded like you were getting this far.)

If so can you enable Asus Express Gate under the Tools menu in the Bios.

This lets you boot into Express Gate, and go online and get / download driver files etc if needed. I remember getting new Raid Drivers this way once right after I bought the board and screwed up my Raid drivers so i couldn't launch windows...
Initially I was getting into bios, now it is not powering up at all beyond the red LED power button
So I got it to boot again with that second power supply, and now it boots through bios and just has a flashing cursor in the upper left.
No options and it didnt go away after several minutes. I dont understand how both the power supply and motherboard died at the same time unless the powersupply died and messed something in the motherboard up in the process.
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