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For the past month, I have been running my P8P67 Pro Rev3.1 motherboard with GSkill 2x4GB DDR3 ram and an i5-2500k. GPU is a Sapphire 4850x2. Today, I was building a new HTPC, but the build wouldn't post (Build was my old desktop, working when I replaced). I took the HIS 5450 from the HTPC build and stuck it into slot 3 of my P8P68, with the 4850x2 in slot 1, to see if it was the card or the build.

My desktop didn't post, I removed it and tried to boot up like normal (identical to before adding card) and it wouldn't post. Either the VGA or Boot LEDS light up depending on how it wants to screw with me. Other information: 750W Corsair power supply, multiple hard drives and dvd drives, SSD boot drive (only one plugged in right now). All alone the 5450 works fine with my main desktop when working alone, so that's the only miracle I have had all day.

If anyone knows anything about how to get this motherboard and gpu to work together please help. If you know anything about a Phenom II x2, M4A78 Plus and 5450 please post as well, but I'm next expecting much on that front.
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