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Looking for a little help here. I can be stable with Lower temps at 1.525v PLL. Everything seems fine. Question I ask is this ok? I have read so many things on the pll and some people say not going lower than 1.71pll on Z68. Temps seem lower with 1.525, should I stay with this? it does enable me having a lower vcore aswell.

Another thing is about LLC. I seem to notice higher voltage spikes using medium or high LLC. I need 0.070 to be stable at 4.7ghz with LLC of Medium and 0.050 with an LLC of High. At 4.7ghz I need 1.42 Manual voltage to be stable. What I find though is with both medium and high llc my voltage with the latest version of prime95 (27.9 build 1) will jump to 1.448 occasionally usually its around the 1.42 mark but it will spike now and again. Temps are 70-71C max.

If I set LLC to ultra high with an offset of +0.005 I seem to get more stable voltages. It will very occasionally spike to 1.440 during prime95.

Would it be better to go with ultra high llc??

Also, i enable XMP for 1866mhz ram 8/9/9/24/2T and leave my VCCIO voltage on Auto at 1.06-.08 and this seems fine, but I have read that most people up the VCCIO to 1.1 for 1866 ram.

I just cant decide on a decent 24/7 OC.

Can anyone offer any input?

Another thing, I will pass prime95 version 26.6 for 24 hours
but version 27.9 seems to enjoy throwing me bccode 124.

Which version should I use?

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First of all you should test with Prime95 27.9

P95 27.9 will be a tougher test on the CPU, because it utilizes new instructions for the Sandy/Ivy Cpu's.

If you test both P95 27.9 and 26.6, you will see the VCORE will be higher in 27.9 becuase of a higher load, and it selects a higher VID.

My Experience a Medium LLC, with a Higher Offset, gives less voltage warping then a High LLC with a lower offset.

If PPL on 1.525v is stable, and allows you a lower vcore and still be stable, it is good to use i think. But when you notice some weird stability problems you should try up the PLL Voltage a tiny bit.
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