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PA120.2 Shroud Question

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Hey folks
Anyone know if the PA120.2 Performance Shroud would be compatible with the Black Ice 240S radiator in terms of overall size and hole spacings?

I'm having terrible issues trying to fit the BI 240s in the top of a TJ-07 (even with 25mm depth fans) with a watercooled Rampage 2 Extreme motherboard fitted due to the position of the Vreg cooler block and the RAM slots being so close to the top edge, so I guess I'm going to have to mount the fans and / or rad on the outside. Any tips on getting it all to fit (and making it look reasonably neat) would be appreciated.

Who would have thought the TJ-07 could seem so cramped inside eh?

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The bevel on along the perimeter of the Black Ice will most likely mean the shroud will not fit. Heck... I had issues using that shroud on the radiator it was meant for (had problems getting a good seal)

You may have to use a custom shroud and sandwich the opening in the top between the shroud and the radiator.

The gap between the frames and the fans became a "natural shroud" as there was a gap of about 1"

In order to do that I needed to make custom frames:

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Guess I'll have to have another go at making my own... last attempt didn't end well :-/
If you need some advice, ask away as there are many here that can provide helpful and insightful tips.
It's not advice I need so much as practical ability with (and access to) the right power tools. I've made a drawing of what I need to do... I just lack the skills and equipment to make it
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Perhaps there is a UK-modder on the Forum that would be willing to take a commission from you?

How about posting a concept-image?

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