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Looking for some assistance here, I'm repairing a packard bell imedia for a friend.
The symptoms were looking like a hard drive failure (wiped mbr, failure to recognize hdd), i got a new hdd in there and found their installation cd (windows xp).

Turns out the on-board sata controller is faulty as no cd drive is recognized the new hdd is also not recognized.
I had an old ide drive lying around so thought i'd run the installation cd off that and sort out the drivers from the p.bell website.

Turns out win xp wasn't the original os, the serial number from the side of the case is a vista number.

The original drive is still operational is there a way to access the restoration partition and clone it?

Or would I be able to get an oem vista disc and use the serial number off the side of the case.

I also thought about adding a pci sata controller card, but realised there are some issues booting from these.

Either that or just scrap it and tell them to buy a new unit

If anyone has any other ideas help is always appreciated.
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