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palit 4850 vs Msi 4870

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well my 8800 had to go in for rma.. and now i finally got a credit note from them..
now i have no gfx card and i cant run my system without 1

i need to buy a gfx in the next 2-3 days. and im confused between the MSI HD4870 512MB GDDR5 and palit HD 4850 special sonic edition (512 mb ddr 5)
they are both pretty closely priced

how is MSI HD4870 512MB GDDR5 any ideas ?

i cant seem to find any proper reviews for either of them to help me decide.
what i can find on the net is that the special sonic edition is like an underclocked 4870. and it can be further oced to match the 4870

help ? which is a better option?
im planning to get a 22" Lcd very soon,maybe in a month or so. please keep that in mind

just so u know i have Cm 600w. dont know if it will handle 4870 properly or not
running a q8200 oced on msi p45 plat
1 Dvd drive
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A 4850 with Gddr5 is basically a 4870. I say get the Palit.
If they're about the same price, then go with the MSI, you'll definitely get better performance with it, despite the uber 4850 also having GDDR5.
Personally I'm not a fan of budget companies like Palit. Remember you often get what you pay for. MSI 4870 FTW.
well the reviews of the sonic edition(not special sonic) from palit have been amazing..
esp since they have a very good custom cooler...
since i couldnt find anything about either of them on net.. confused..:s
600watts will be plenty , even for crossfire. The original 4850 had GDDR3(dual pumped) ram, while 4870 uses GDDR5(quad pumped) ,the 4850 was clocked lower, if i remember correctly other than that there are no more difference between them , except price ofc.
If the price of the ones listed are almost the same, i would go for 4870 , it's still clocked higher than 4850(sure you can overclock it to 4870 levels) , but don't forget that you can overclock the 4870... So i would go 4870 for sure
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Originally Posted by Interpolation
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Personally I'm not a fan of budget companies like Palit. Remember you often get what you pay for. MSI 4870 FTW.

I thought Palit was owned by Gainward?

I have never been a fan of MSI video cards... so i am still going to suggest the Palit.
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