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Yes, I know your first comments will be "Why not a Samsung, LG, Sony, or other top brand?" Simple, because this is going to be a birthday/Christmas gift from my dad to me, and he can get 25% off of any Panasonic TV through one of his co-workers. So, it's basically down to which Panasonic in the 30-39" range is the best for me.

I've been looking at these three models, and Consumer Reports has listed all three as great buys and top performers in their recent TV roundup.

I'd like to go with a 37", but one of them is $1600 MSRP, the other's listed at $1200 MSRP. The 32" there is also $1200, so what makes the 37" for $1200 good/bad compared to the other two? I'm a little bit lost when it comes to TVs, so any reviews/information/personal experiences would be very helpful.
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