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I posted this same inquiry on TFT Central but things seem to be a little dead over there.

So, for the last few weeks I have had the opportunity to buy a brand new CG275w with a broken screen for $50 and yesterday I purchased it.

I believe that this is one of the last models that Eizo used the LG LM270WQ2(CCFL) in and they are rather hard to find unless you go through a panel broker and pay $350+. While $350 is an amount that I am willing to pay in order to get this thing up and running again I was wondering if there might be an alternative in the LM270WQ1(WLED) which I can pick up for $150. I looked at the possibility of a CCFL to LED ribbon but I am guessing that would be harder to pull of in a 27in monitor than in a laptop. I know that the lamps are different and the WLED lacks an inverter but I was thinking more along the lines of interchanging parts between the two panels.

Could anyone tell me if it would be possible to simply remove the actual LCD from the panel of the LM270WQ1(WLED) and insert it in place of the broken LCD on the LM270WQ2(CCFL)? Is there any variation(other than the coating on the screen) between these two LCDs that would make it impossible? I am not sure what the technical name of the boards are that rest on top of the panel and are connected by ribbons to the LCD glass but it appears that the ones in the cg275w are actually out of an LG edge lit WLED smart tv that is sold in Russia; the model number is LA701V. Would I run into any kind of electrical currency issues swapping the two LCDs and if so would it be possible to detach the current ribbons from the boards resting on the Panel and connecting to the LM270WQ2 and reattach them to the LM270WQ1 using an electrically conductive adhesive?

Just hoping someone might be able to give a little more technical insight.
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