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Well, i seriously have an issue with understanding my CPU.

I've been OCing q6600 since i got it.

Just for example:
On 1.7.2009 i've had it at 3.4(378x9) and 1.32V.

Today, i could get it stable with 1.38V.

The theory:
When i lost my nervous i runed it at 1.42V 400x9=3.6GHz(on 1.7.2009 it needed 1.408V), of course i won't run it at 3.6 because 8800GT doesn't bottleneck that match that i could spend 100W more for +1% FPS in games.

So...I set it now back to 3.2(356x9) for which i needed 1.32V for past 6 days, and today it's running already 1 hour on 1.296V and same 3.2(356x9) sets.

I don't get it
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Yeah confusing like that, I was going to say degradation but I was expecting you to say "Now it needs MOAR [email protected]" but you didn't.

My chip is weird too
, 4.3GHz @ 1.344 a few months ago, now I can do 4.4GHz @ 1.32. I reboot and can't anymore, but I can now do 4.5GHz @ 1.34 :/

Did you change any other settings? FSB VTT, NB, PLL? If so, that could have changed how much you really needed on the CPU itself.
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All settings were the same for 3.2GHz.I won't even try now 3.4GHz, because i'm sure it will mess up cpu voltage for 3.2GHz

But sadly said, i went with to high voltage for 3.4 on FSB, NB, SB, and it didn't helped, only cpu voltage could :\\
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