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Part suggestions for a CPU/GPU loop

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So I think its time for me to move away from CLC's and into proper LC. However I'm still looking through parts and some suggestions and direction would be appreciated !

I'm thinking of a 360 up top and a 120 or 140 in the back. This would be enough for my CPU and GPU's right ? I like the look of the Black Ice SR1's. Is there a better suggestion though ?. I think I'll keep my fan combination thats running now, and just add fans in (SP120).

EK or AquaComputer blocks for my GPU ? Open to suggestions on that one, still looking stuff up really.

CPU Block, again I'm open to suggestion, I like the HeatKiller 3.0 but let me know what you think.

Tubing and compression fittings, I've no clue who to go for, Help please

Only other considerations are I want this to be as clean as possible, so maybe a Res/Pump Bay unit would be cleanest right ? Performance isn't the be all and end all for me either, I want it to be clean looking overall. Budget can be up to €400/£350/$550, since I wont be buying it till the start of October

Thanks in advance guys !
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