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partition cloning

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i just got a 1TB partitioned in two. one partition for vista ultimate x64 and the other for storage.
since its a clean install i would like to make a clone (image) of the vista partition so that in the future i just have to load that instead of wasting 2 days with installing vista and other programs.
which backup software does the job nice and easy? norton ghost 14?
i heard some people were having hassle with vista booting after recovering from an image; something to do with the boot sector.
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I use Acronis TrueImage. I haven't had any problems restoring a Vista partition when using it. Heres a link
well from the first partition (the one with the os) on the second one with the files.
I have used Seagate Tools (Came retail with HD) on many HDs over the yrs. I have now set 2 HDs up to run raid and partioned them so I have Vista Home Prem and XP SP3 for dual boot. I have a spare HD with both OS's copied onto so I can recover them at any point.

I first set up partitions Installed OS's with all the updates for drivers then made my copies from the Seagate tools disc. That can be done from inside the OS.

i'm giving acronis true image a shot. one question to Delphi44. when you backup your drive did you go to "Data to back up selection" and you picked the "My Computer" or "My Data" option? i went for My Computer and picked drive C: which has about 25GB of data and the image came out at 12.2GB. does that sound right? i never tried backing up drives before (even tho i should) so i'm not sure
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