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Partition questions.

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So when I make a partition with Vista, is the partition like having two separate hard drives? Like if I screw up one partition will my other one be fine? Is it easy to delete one if it goes bad? Will I be able to get files or programs off of the other partition?

Also, When I try to shrink my current drive, it only allows for a 11GB shrink where I need around 30GB. Is there any way to let me do this. (There is over 130 GB free on the drive).

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Partitions as their name suggests are only a way of dividing a hard drive into discrete segments for different uses. Any physical problems can affect all partitions since they're not really separate.

As for partitioning, I always use Parted Magic, a live CD which does everything from creating and deleting partitions to resizing and reformatting them.
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There ARE ways to do as you say.

Personally, however, I prefer to have a separate hard drive just for my data. It's not necessary, but it is safer.

Even safer would be to Raid 1 your data drive, which I may do in the future.
+1 for the RAID 1 idea. I have a set for family pictures and what not. Things you can't replace.
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