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Partition Trouble

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Alright, I've got an XP partition from a long time ago that takes up over half my HDD. The problem is, all I use now is Vista, and am running low on space due to the old partition.

I'm trying to remove it using Disk Management, but I can't due to the fact that the XP partition is my C:, and is the System, Active, and Primary partition.

It gives me the message "Windows cannot delete the active system partition on this disk" whenever I try to delete it.

So, how can I remove the partition safely, while making my Vista partition the primary one?

(Also, before this gets brought up, I lost the CD)
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try Gparted Live CD. it's a linux based partitioning tool that you boot off of.

you probably can't delete it within windows due to the fact that it has an active system on it.
Well the partition I'm using is the Vista one, not the XP (C: ) one. I'll see if I have any discs lying around and check that out though, thanks.

Edit: Probably a dumb question, but are DVD-RWs bootable?

Edit2: Bah screw it, I've still got nearly 30GBs to work with until I make the switch to W7, I should be able to hold out a little longer.
Couldn't you just reassign the letters and then delete?
Definitely use gparted, it works wonders.


Also, you can get puppy linux and install it onto a USB flash drive so you have gparted and other utilities wherever you go!

Originally Posted by Ikrin View Post
Couldn't you just reassign the letters and then delete?
Nope, even if you could I doubt it would carry over the attributes of the C: that are making it impossible to delete from the Disk Manager.
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