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I have a amd phenom 965 cpu, and a GIGABYTE GA-MA790FXT-UD5P MoBo. I currently have G-skill ripjaw ram (1600) but have had some issues with it, and can only manage to get 1333 freq (No idea how to use bios to work this.. changed the clock to 1600, but started getting BSODs so went back to auto). Anywhu I have another rig which I intend to chuck the g-skill ram in, so have decided to get new ram for my main rig.

Just curious if Patriot-Gaming 1600 will work on my system w/out problems?
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I emailed patriot about what RAM I wanted for what mobo and I want to say they got back to me the same day, but it might of been with in 24hrs also. It was a few months back when I did that.
AMD's processors have "difficult" getting the RAM speed anything above 1333MHz from my understanding. So it would be best to get RAM that is set at 1333MHz.
I ordered pair of those 1600MHz CL7 mems. Get B.E.M.P-versions if you are going to buy
those, you can aply correct timings from AMD Overdrive by simply downloading profile
and aply it. It should work fine cause they are technically the same mems that
already are on QV-list (atleast Crosshair III QVL).
I emailed patriot. waiting for a reply.
I considered getting 1333, but it seems like a waste of a capable mobo.

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