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PB to uptodate?

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OK i thought i had solved my BF2 issues BUT NO!

Stupid game started acting up again tonight.

Well i mannually updating PB again, downloaded new EXE, downloaded uptodate html files for it and downloaded it through program no avail, it just wants to update more.

Here is a screenie, see it seems to me i have a higher version than the server *** is up with my PC!

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Try going to your BF2 directory and deleteing the PB folder. Then run the update again.

However when i checked mine. My version is the same.
WHich one?

My Docs or the Program Files one?
ok ill give it a go, cheers Fury
I had similar problem with 2142 where it would kick me out for not having latest release. I found this then on the punkbuster site for 2142 at least.


"We are aware of several players who are getting kicked for Losing Key Packets with an error code ffff0001 or ffff0002 after the v1.701 PB Client update released yesterday. There seems to be some misinformation being posted on various websites and forums in reference to the new PunkBuster services called PnkBstrA and PnkBstrB. These are NOT optional. If these are disabled or stopped or blocked by the user or anti-virus or Internet security software, updated PunkBuster servers will remove you from the game for Losing Key Packets. Users of some versions of McAfee Security Center are reporting that these PB components are getting automatically added to the "block" list. If this happens on your machine, you will need to remove them from the list in order to continue using PunkBuster. Players who have manually disabled or stopped PnkBstrA based on instructions from some other website may need to run our PBSVC program to uninstall and reinstall in order to continue playing on PB enabled servers."

I don't know if you have McAfee or tried running PBSVC already. You'll have to locate PBSVC on that page. Its in the section - copy/paste did not let me put the hyperlink in. Hope it works.
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